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You are going to LOVE the latest development in hair extensions. Bold & Beautiful TAPE hair extensions are fast becoming the most popular method of attaching hair extensions in both Salons & at home.

Tape In Hair Extensions - 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions – 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions

4cm wide strips of hair are applied to your own with the sandwich method (your hair is sandwiched between two strips of hair extensions. The newest double sided tape will last 4 – 8 Weeks before the Tape needs replacing. They are ultra comfortable, easy to care for & simple to re-apply.

Each pack contains 20 x4cmwide pieces of 20″ long good Grade Hair. For a full head of Extensions you will usually need two packs of 20.

The double sided tape is water proof & easily lasts 4 – 8 weeks before the tape can be replaced & the hair reused.

After you fit tape hair extension to your hair, you’d better heat the tape with flast iron. This action can make tape har extension stick longer to your hair.

We can supply various of seamless tape hair extensions in different lengths and width, colors and wave styles.

Seamless tape hair extensions is an innovation of skin weft in the world market, it is also named sticker skin weft. It is similar to skin weft or PU weft, but it is much more easier and convenient to wear and remove, as the double-side tape has already been put on the top of hair.

The main technic is using glue to stick human hair and then put the double-side tape on it, so that the customers can use this kind of product easily after taking off the paper of the double-side tape and after using a while,if the double-side tape lost its glutinosity, customers can replace another new double-side tape to re-use this product.

Self-Adhesive skin weft is a very perfect solution for adding length or changing color or fullness to your hair.

Seamless Tape Weft, Self-adhesive Skin Weft, Sticker Skin Weft, Pretaped Weft,Tape hair extensions.

1.Composition: 100% Remy Human Hair .

We can supply Turkish hair, Uzbek hair, Brazilian hair.


2.Hair Color: All colors are available, the usual color is 1#, 1B#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9#, 10#, 12#, 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 22#, 23#, 24#, 25#, 26#, 27#, 30#, 31#, 33#, 60#, 613#, 130#, 144#, 99J, white, red, blue, pink, purple, etc

4.Length: 8″- 34″ any size can be available.

5.Width of weft: 1.5″ in width per piece, of course, we can do width against your special requirement.

6.Width of PU:10mm.

7.Weight: 2.5gram per piece, 100grams per pack.

8.Package: 40 pieces per pack with PP bag.

9.Payment Terms:T/T, Money Gram,Western Union, paypal etc.

10.Delivery time: Different order has different production time, before ordering, pls. Inquire us.

Seamless tape wefts last over 2 months and are re-useable for up to 6 months. Seamless tape wefts are pre taped so you don’t have to do the work and are made from the highest quality 100% remy human hair. They require no additional adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, no braiding, no clips, no chemicals, or messy removal. Easy to apply with no tools required. To reuse the seamless tape wefts, you may use our tape.

Top 4 reasons for ordering our seamless tape weft. You really need to do your investigative work when ordering hair.
1. Our seamless tape weft is made with 100% AAAA remy hair. No animal, no synthetic, no gray mixed!
2. Our seamless tape weft is pretaped and precut.3. Our seamless tape weft lasts usually 4-8 weeks, if carefully over 2 months, if reused, 6 months. 4. We have a great return policy if your hair does not match and we take it back if it is unopened!

How long do our seamless tape weft last?

Now any woman can change their length and volume with ease! Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable seamless hair extensions can be applied and removed in a matter of minutes. Transform your look and your attitude with our “Do It Yourself” Seamless Tape wefts. Our “Do It Yourself” Seamless tape wefts are made with the best Remy 100% human hair. These seamless tape hair extensions create an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of spending your whole day at the salon.
Usually, our seamless tape wefts can last over 2 months, if reused, they can be 6 months, usually.

What are seamless tape wefts?

Well they are just what they say really, in place of the usual clip in a hair weft there is a piece of double sided tape, designed to be undetectable when placed on the scalp. Seamless Tape wefts can be washed and styled as normal, and you can use your regular hair products. They are designed to be lightweight and to not drag or hurt, so they are suitable for those with fine hair. Seamless tape wefts are semi permanent and can last up to 5-6 months dependent on specific circumstance. They are simple to apply and even easier to take out. You can reuse them over and over.
Reusable seamless tape wefts are pre taped and made from high quality Remi cuticle 100% human hair, no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals or messy removal. Just stick and go! Easy to apply with no tools needed. This system is completely seamless with no bumps. You can wear your hair up or down. Ideal for people with thinning hair and for adding length or volume or simply adding highlights without chemicals.
Top strip is made from a very thin, flat, seamless polyurethane strip with tape. Our hair comes pre taped as adding tape yourself is time consuming and messy. We have done this for you. Our tape comes in presectioned 1.5 inch strips for your convenience.

How do you put seamless tape wefts in?

There are two methods used in the application of tape hair extensions: one is the sandwich method and the other is the single method.

Sandwichmethod (Last 2-3 mths): it needs to take out and reapply from 6-12 months with the sandwich method. You take a section of your natural hair and apply one piece of seamless tape hair extension below your hair and one piece above it. Effectively sandwich your natural hair between the two pieces. This method is great for adding volume and can work out to be longer lasting.

Single application (Last up to 2-4 weeks): the other method and the relatively easier way is the single application. In this instance you just take a section of your natural hair and apply the piece below it. The sticky side should be facing up. Your natural hair will cover the tape so you won’t see anything, hence being called seamless wefts. This can be done very quickly and is good for adding length but they may not last as long.

How do I take out the seamless tape wefts?

You gently apply the adhesive tape remover that we offer on the website. You can remove them, let your hair rest, then reapply them with new tape strips. This is offered on our website with your purchase of hair. In between letting your hair rest if you still want the long hair look, you should purchase a set of clip in hair that can last for years.

What makes seamless tape wefts the best?

The most important thing when choosing your hair is the processing methods. Here at seamless, only the best raw hair is chosen before it is treated. This is high-quality, healthy and strong hair. This produces a higher grade of extension hair that will last longer without tangling or drying.

Remi cuticle hair, the ultimate luxury of hair. The healthiest hair is hand picked strand by strand. This ensures all cuticles are laying in the same direction. Our cuticle hair is superior quality and soft to the touch. Long lasting and tangle free.

More than 10 years of manufacturing and exporting experiences, Our company winned and to win the dynamic markets with premium quality, timely delivery and reasonable price.

If you have any special requirement, please tell us without hesitation.We will try our full effort to meet your requirements.

Thank you for your reading, please freely contact with me.

hair extensions color chart

hair extensions color chart