Hair Extensions Care

Tips of Hair Extensions Care And Maintenance

To get the maximum benefit from your new hair extensions , you will need to spend a little more time looking after it than you may have previously been used to .Here is some important information that you should know on how to care for your new Sach hair to keep it looking great.


Firstly you need to detangle your hair extensions then apply the shampoo recommended by your salon directly to the scalp and hair.gertly squeeze the product through the entire length,including your existing hair.Avovid rubbing or massaging as this can cause tangling,and that is what we are trying to avoid.Whilst the shampoo is still in your hair gently run your fingers through to separate it.rinse thoroughly then gently squeeze out excess moisture ready for conditioning.


You must condition your hair extensions every time you wash it.apply the conditioner(again recommended by your salon)to the palms of your hands and squeeze gently through your hair.When detangling your hair extensions when wet or dry.make sure you work in small areas. Hold the section you are working on close to the roots to prevent undue stress on the attachment points which over time could cause the bond to fail starting at the ends work upwards to the roots,running firstly your fingers then a wide tooth comb through your hair to detangle it and distribute conditioner evenly. Care must be taken to avoid placing any direct strain on the bonded joint between your new hair extensions and your existing hair.rinse thoroughly


When brushing hair extensions normally,hold sections of the hair extensions at the nape of your neck to support the bond and always use an hair extension loop brush,these brushes are very flexible and put less strain on the attachment point should you catch one.


Always loosely plait your hair extensions while sleeping, swimming exercising and when you are involved in activities that will tangle your hair.


To get the maximum life out of your new hair extensions we recommend you return to your hair salon on a regular basis so they can inspect them and perform any maintenance needed .What needs to be done and how often is entirely dependant on how well you look after your hair as well as the quality and strength of your original hair to begin with in any case you should not leave longer than 6weeks between visits.