What Is the Micro Tape Hair Extensions?

What Is the Micro Tape Hair Extensions? We have many systems in our center. We have 14 systems in total. I will give a few examples to these systems. For instance, our Nanofilament Hair Extensions system is based on the lastest technology and the most invisible hair

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Butterfly Hair Extensions

butterfly blond

Butterfly Hair Extensions Now the newest trend is the smallest of the Butterfly Extensions so Micro Tape System. How does this system work? İt is useful? For first time audiences, you get immediate clarity. Micto Tape System; production is a extensions method, we have made as Sach

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SACH Sweden Partnership

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SACH Sweden Partnership  We’re reached our conclusions with Sweden for a long time.  Sach starts our Sweden partnership.  We have a worked in many countries in the direction of wishes. Especially example of bulk hair suitable for Europe, micro tape extension production, clip in hair production and

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