What Is the Micro Tape Hair Extensions?

What Is the Micro Tape Hair Extensions? We have many systems in our center. We have 14 systems in total. I will give a few examples to these systems. For instance, our Nanofilament Hair Extensions system is based on the lastest technology and the most invisible hair

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Hair Extensions Selection

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Hair Extensions Selection In fact, the first of the many questions that fall to our Call Center. Which Hair Extensions methods should I choose? Other frequently asked questions are; Which does not my hair hurt? How long Can I use it? Can it hair shedding in paint

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Tape in Hair Extension


Tape in Hair Extension Finally, we decided to produce our micro tape in extension hairs because hairs that brought into Turkey from China doesn’t have so much quality. We added 60 variety of color to our color sample. We prepare for us every kind of hair and

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