Turkey Beauty Fair 2018


Turkey Beauty Fair 2018 We mostly joined outland fairs. We joined Dubai Fair last year and we will join Dubai Fair again. We will talk about our experience in Turkey Fair. We were very interested in taking  hair in Turkey Fair. Most people asked us why hair

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Information about Hair Extension Systems

samples of extension

Information about Hair Extension Systems Firstly, We will talk about how can we use natural hair extension and who can use it ? Women have problems with their hair because of usage of wrong techniques in coiffeurs or hair centers their hair are so wear so if

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Butterfly Hair Extensions

butterfly tape (2)

Butterfly Hair Extensions We can refer to smaller (1cm) Micro Tapes for Butterfly Hair Extensions application. The characteristic of this system, which we call Butterfly is the normal Micro Tape 4/1 size and light weight. We can say that it is a method prepared to wear on

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