Short Hair Micro Extensions

Our Extensions Center many customers are coming, thereby damaged hair, the hair is getting abundant etc. Our customers made application Hair Extensions, they did not leave us after that.
At the same time, we have customers very short hair. they believed that their hair wouldn’t be extensions. But under favour of Sach Hair Extensions, it can apply hair extensions to very short hair womans. Then we showed the Extensions we had applied to very short hair and our customer wanted application immediately.

Another customer came to our center she would buy a wig. Because our customer hair is very short, hairdressers will not be a Extensions for her hair. Hair Extensions Expert Murat KOLUKIRIK 1 Micro Hair Extensions applied to our customer. Our customer was very much like Hair Extensions System.
A great result came out when our customer Hair Extensions Application ended. As a team witnessed this awesome before and after.

If you want to see this awesome before and after I would recommend watching the video.

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