SACH Outland Followers

hair extensions before and afterWe have a follower from outland and hair extensions expert have a hair extensions applied to our follower. She is a perpetual visiting our center from Macedonia just to apply this hair extensions.

She is using 5 months apart and uses %100 Real Human Hair in 150 Gram Natural color. It was long taking time because she was both hair extensions removal and applied hair extensions however the average total time of a 150 gram hair around 3 hours.

We took late a photo and video because Macedonia follower was late. So we apologize. So we share with you.
If your hair is the same feature and you like this application, you can get more detailed information by calling our center.

By the way, most of the countries that are coming from outland and our follower;
• Germany
• Austria
• France
• Morocco
• Jordan
• Dubai
• Egypt
• Albania
• Montenegro
• Serbia
• Croatia
• Iran
• Iraq

Our Call Center: 444 4 671

WhatsApp: +90 0532 592 88 42



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