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Everyone who comes to our Center implements it actually has different stories and reason for arrival.

Often our customer come from hair burning and cutting. We usually call these cases platin or highlights. İt is our quests who came to visit it in order to give density because the hair is weaker at a lesser rate.
Regardless of what the situation is, we determine the most accurate hair dressing according to the habits of people, hair structures and their budget.
Here it is very important listen to you and determine your wishes.
For instance, only Micro Extension and Nanofilament Extension can be applied to very short hair. However if your hair is on your shoulder, there is no need to increase the cost. You can choose Tape Extension.

We offer less and we prefer available systems. However it is very old system, it may not be very comfortable in Daily life. Technology has improved. How can everything stays old?
That’s exactly what we do.
Whatever your prefer, it is important that you should be happy and comfortable to use after the process. However the first time you can use the source hair application, you may get a little confused. So that’s we decided to create the before and after gallery.

Our 2018 Sach Model and after then implemented and we are adding photos of our customer that allow you to take pictures.
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