Micro Ring Hair ExtensionsMicro Ring Hair Extensions / Micro Loop Hair Extensions Description

Micro Ring Hair Extension is the latest innovation in hair extension technology, No Heat, No Glue, No Braids. The hair extension is already bonded and it has a small loop attached to it. This will last for 4 Months.

Microlinks Methods are gentle, safe and natural hair extension system, you can add length, volume and highlights in just a few hours. The links are made from flexible nickel tubing that is squeezed shut to hold the hair in place. This will last up to 5 months with proper care and maintenance.
Micro rings are arguably the best method of application of hair extensions.

A small metal tube is clamped over the real hair to attach extension hair.
Micro Ring hair extensions are individually stranded that have a plastic loop at the tip to thread your hair through the micro ring and is then clamped closed bonding the extension to your natural hair
Micro-rings are light weight with a silicon inner lining to prevent hair extensions from slipping.
Due to the light weight of the rings there is no damage to the roots of your existing hair. Removal is simply done by lightly unclamping the micro-rings allowing the extensions to fall out. Micro-rings are a safe alternative for people with sensitive skin as adhesive removers are not needed

Other Information
Location:      Istanbul, Turkey
Minimum Order:      500 strands/colour/style
Price for Minimum Order:      Negotiable
(This price is only for minimum order, for large quantities, please contact)
Sample Available:      Yes
Price for Sample:      Negotiable
Sample Shipping Cost:      Negotiable
Sample Delivery Time:      7–10 working days after payment
Payment Method:      T/T, Western Union