This Class For Hair Factories

The most populer tain hair extensions systems Butterfly, Mini Tape and Regular Tape in hair producing for manufacturer.

How to Make Tape in Hair Extensions System done
with Double Sided Adhesive Tapes such as “Skin Weft”, “Tape Hair”, “Tape in Hair”, “Tape in Hair Extensions”,
“Mono Weft Extensions”, “Hand-tied Tape hair”, “Hand-tied Skin Weft”,
“Tape Weft Hair”, “PU Skin Weft”, “Seamless Skin Weft Hair Extensions”

( We have a secret METHODS 4 time stronger of making Tape Hair / Skin Weft
for Tape Extension System which can be done/worn using double-sided adhesive tapes. And, we have different training class fees according to the Manufacturing Methods or Techniques. )

or a fee, we provide the manufacturing know-how of SKIN WEFTS (TAPE HAIR, TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS) done with glues.
The final product will be like the Skin Weft (Skin_based Hair, Tape Hair) shown at the below photo saying “SCHVGU-13092022-GLUE”.

This manufacturing method does not need expensive equipments (machines, tools, chemicals).

1a) Hands-On-Training Fee: ?
1b) Hands-On-Training Period: 2 days ( 5 hours/day)

2a) Online Training Fee: ? which includes shipping cost for the below materials, DVD, etc under 2b below.

2b) What (training materials) to send to you: DVD, Manual, Sample Chemicals, Accessories for application, Finished SkinTape Hair, Reference Materials, etc.

1) 1 Liter = 1 Kg
2) Prices below are in terms of FOB/Istanbul / R-Turkiye not icluding shipping cost
3) Freight and Bank Charge (€40.00 in case payment done by Bank’s Transfer) will be added.

* The thickness(density) or hardness/softness can be adjusted by mixing ratios.
* The drying time can be different according to the mixture ratio.

<> Minimum Package Unit : 1 Liter (1 Kg) each component glue If you place a trial order, you may take 1 Liter(Kg) of SCHVGU-13092022-GLUE and 2 Liters(Kgs) of SCHVGU-13092022-GLUE considering the mixture ratio above.

If there is any mixing ratios in need for your using our chemicals, we inform you the mixing ratios and proper solvents.
Meanwhile, we do not provide production (or treatment, applying) methods (techniques) how to make Tape-in Hair
using our chemicals. Because, there must be related matters before (Pre-treatment) and after (After-treatment) applying (using) our chemicals, it is not simple to give technical service. We are a company providing on-site and on-line training courses and manufacturing Know-How for a fee.


€495.00/Liter FOB/ISTANBUL, Turkey in case an order is for 1 Liter or 1 kg per component glue; or 1 kg is to be packed in a bottle even when an order os for 10 Liters.
– Available shipping way : by EMS