How to Do Application Very Short Hair

micro capsule hair extension pricesAs Sach Hair Extensions Center, we done Hair Extensions with many problems hair until now.
What do you mean problem hair?

Many people loose hair because they decide radical. You can’t even comb hair.
Well, how should you approach these hairs and which Turkish Hair Extensions method should you apply?

First of all, if you have a health problems and for this reason your hair is loss (chemotherapy, alopesia) we definitely recommend Nanofilament Hair Extensions because it is thinnest workship. If you are normal hair loss you can prefer Micro Capsule Hair Extensions. If you are only interesting grow hair and you don’t a lot of time however Tape in Hair and Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions for you.

All that remains, I-Tip Keratin and Keratin Hair Extensions applications are very old methods and we have rarely operation done.
We can only say that people who keep old habits use.

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