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bulk hairHow can we understand clip in extention that is prerared by %100 natural hair?
First of all, we want to share us some information about you need to know about hair.
There are many varities of hair that belongs to different kind of races in turkish market. Unfortunately, it has some sentetic hair and this kind of hair sells us like natural human hair.
We explain everything us about to hair one by one.

How does change the quality of Hair Extensions ?
%100 Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan hair are used in our center. We are use hair because this kind of hair is very similar turkish race hair type and it is also used as micro type. Micro type hair is found in Central Asia.

We don’t prefer another type of İndian hair. Because; İndian hair type is very bold and dark hair.
Therefore İt is very hard to change hair color like blond color even if it’s a natural hair. Because of this you have a problem with these types of hair you have.
On the other hand we especially said that, this type hair smells after a while. Even if you wash hair again and again its smell couldn’t go out.
There is also Russian hair, this is most expensive hair in the World because it’s natural color is very light and it’s not thin hair if don’t look like European vision it’s not useable for you. Woman who have blue eyes and blonde hair use this kind of hair in Turkey.

We mention about all kind of hair, as you understand that in Turkey first quality hair type is Türkmenistan and Uzbekistan ( Central Asia ) and the second quality hair is İndian.
Second reason is we sell clip in extention hair as a reasonable price because hair is mix sentetic hair.
How can we understand hair quality?
When we look at the hair on the light if hair looks like more shiny or be couldn’t use curling iron on hair we easily understand its mix sentetic hair.
Finally when we use curling iron on natural hair more, hair has a risk fire. Like your hair.
We search Turkey Market about hair and hair sell us 90 ₺ how should hair quality is good? You think about you have long hair can you sell us 80-90 ₺? We took hair from people that have natural hair sell us significant hair. We cut hair and transporting.

We pick up this hair Türkmenistan and Uzbekistan villages women where they live.
So this process is difficult to collect, to clean and seperation.

As we SACH Company we sell whosale and virgin hair it has also selling retail .

İf you reach quality hair and exact price please contact with us our Number is: 444 3 671 & Whatsapp +90 532 5928842

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