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In fact, the first of the many questions that fall to our Call Center.

Which Hair Extensions methods should I choose?

Other frequently asked questions are;

Which does not my hair hurt?

How long Can I use it?

Can it hair shedding in paint operations?

Can I use my hair cream?

Differences between other Extensions and Pricing.

We can bring light on each one of you by answering one by one.

Which Hair Extensions methods should I choose?

As Sach, we provide our customers with 14 different systems.

The most known and the oldest of these are; Micro Ring Extensions, Keratin Extensions, Tres Extensions, Micro Extensions, Nanofilament Extensions and Micro Tape and Butterfly Tape Extensions Systems.

The Hair Extensions Specialist will actually help you choose whichever your is best suited to you. The length of hair your hair-short. The best way to do this is to choose the method that you can use.

Which does not my hair hurt?

All systems do not damage when done correctly and %100 real human hair is used.

How long can I use it?

You can comfortably use all the average systems 2,5 months – 3,5 months. Even if the extensions do not the fall, When your hair growing, your hair will start to go down and people will see your hair extensions. Here is an example; he used a quest Micro Extensions Application from Saudi Arabia for 9 months. Althought we don’t approve much.

Can it hair shedding in paint operations?

After hair applicationi you can root dye. But if you are going to change the color of your hair, we recommend that you do it before you apply it.

Can I use my hair cream?

We don’t recommend using cream or oily products to the joints of the Extensions hair to touch. Because oily or creamy products have solubility properties. So it can cause early hair shedding. Absolutely do not use!


According to the given gramaj, price vary in every way method. In general, so we can say 100gr on a standard hair. but if your head is wide or your hair is short, the given weight may be 200gr/250gr.

That’s all we can give information for now. For more detail information and Hair Extensions prices please call us. 444 3 671 Whatsapp : +90 532 592 8842

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