Tape in Hair Extension


Tape in Hair Extension Finally, we decided to produce our micro tape in extension hairs because hairs that brought into Turkey from China doesn’t have so much quality. We added 60 variety of color to our color sample. We prepare for us every kind of hair and

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Application of Weft Hair

weft hair application

Application of Weft Hair We produce best quality weft hair in our center as Sach Company. we also make an hair extension application to our customers hairs. weft hair extension mostly preferred by black race people because weft hair is suitable for people who have curly hair.

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Butterfly Hair Extensions

Butterfly Hair Extensions Now the newest trend is the smallest of the Butterfly Extensions so Micro Tape System. How does this system work? İt is useful? For first time audiences, you get immediate clarity. Micto Tape System; production is a extensions method, we have made as Sach

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Sach Gallery

gallery sach

Sach Gallery Everyone who comes to our Center implements it actually has different stories and reason for arrival. Often our customer come from hair burning and cutting. We usually call these cases platin or highlights. İt is our quests who came to visit it in order to

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Single Solution To Burned Hair

Single Solution To Burned Hair We want to talk about two different guests. In general, we can not make such interviews with everyone, but we are talking to us for thanks a lot They gently welcome us. One of them is Ms. Selda, Ms Selda has got

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SACH Sweden Partnership

hair extensions turkey

SACH Sweden Partnership  We’re reached our conclusions with Sweden for a long time.  Sach starts our Sweden partnership.  We have a worked in many countries in the direction of wishes. Especially example of bulk hair suitable for Europe, micro tape extension production, clip in hair production and

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Butterfly Extensions Application

butterfly extension supplier

Butterfly Extensions Application Recently, this trend application on the East side, unfortunately Turkey well known wrong due to bad hair and wrong application of hair. Especially, semi-synthetic hair brought into China after application hair couldn’t comb easily. Also the adhesive is not good , hairs is falling

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We are in Dubai Beauty Fair as a Sach Hair


We are in Dubai Beauty Fair as a Sach Hair This year we are in Dubai Beauty Fair again as a Sach Hair Extensions manufacturer company. We have met a few new companies last year at Dubai Fair those who follow us know. Especially; Dubai Qatar Saudi

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New System Butterfly Micro Tape in Extension

micro tape extension

New System Butterfly Micro Tape in Extension New trend micro tape extension system especially women who want to use is more practical and faster application in extension system The Micro tape extension method divided in two section, 1. Micro Tape System: Two seperate micro tape are spliced

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Hair Extensions

bulk hair

Hair Extensions How can we understand clip in extention that is prerared by %100 natural hair? First of all, we want to share us some information about you need to know about hair. There are many varities of hair that belongs to different kind of races in

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