Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions

butterfly tape in hair extension

Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions by Sach New trend micro tape welding system for women who want more fast and more practical solutions especially in hair welding systems Micro tape welding method is divided into 2; 1) Micro Tape System: 2 different micro tape tapes (4 cm

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SACH Outland Followers

hair extensions before and after

SACH Outland Followers We have a follower from outland and hair extensions expert have a hair extensions applied to our follower. She is a perpetual visiting our center from Macedonia just to apply this hair extensions. She is using 5 months apart and uses %100 Real Human

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The Latest Hair Extension Method Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions

Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions

The Latest Hair Extension Method Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions  are made with pure 100% virgin human hair and premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is strong, safe and non-damaging. Our virgin Butterfly tape in hair extension collection features genuine virgin human hair that lasts wash after wash,

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Wefted Hair Extensions Tresses Extensi De Par in Romania

wefted hair in turkey

Wefted Hair Extensions Tresses Extensi de par in Romania We are selling wefted hair in Romania . Romania people generaly prefer to use in hair extensions , tresses extensi de par We have all size and various color of wefted hair extensions İf you need best quality 

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Hair Extensions In Istanbul Turkey


Are you searching for hair extensions in istanbul Turkey ? Congratulation you’ve found a best hair extensions center in Istanbul. We have been doing impossible so long. We do beautiful hair extensions on very short hair.

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100% Remy Hair Bulk

100% Remy Hair Bulk Description Hair without a weft is called hair bulk. It is used primarily for stand bonding and also with different grade quality to choose, just like hair weaving. The hair bulk is easy to produce, it only need stainless hackle after dyed and

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Training Head

Training Head, Practice Head, Teaching Head

Training Head / Practice Head / Teaching Head Description Training head, also called teaching head, practice head, used for training course in salon and beauty school. The hair feels very nice and with skilled craftsmanship, no shedding. They look like realistic and rather nice, high density surface,

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Lace Front Wig

Wigs Description We supply 100% remy human hair wigs with Choice Quality and reasonable price. 1. Hair Texture: 100% Caucasian Turkish Hair Remi Hair and 100% Uzbek, Turkmen Remi Human Hair with superior quality 2. Head Size: small, medium, large, extra large 3. Hair Length: 6″-28″ 4.

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Toupee For Men

Toupee For Men

Toupee For Men Description Specifications: 1) Hair Texture:100% Human Remy Hair, 100% hand tied. 2) Toupee Hair Length: 5″–6″ 3) Toupee Hair Color: Basic Colors; Light Colors; Mixed Colors; Two Tone Color, Piano Color, F Color 4) Toupee Base design: We can make various kinds of base

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Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extension

Feather Hair Extensions Description 1. Material: material is heat resistant fiber, can bear 200 degree Celsius, so you can style it by yourself. The dye is friendly to environment and never fade! 2. Hair Style: straight, wavy, curly, etc. 3. Color: Dark color, Light color, Side by

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